Our Story


Tee Htwin was founded on April 17, 2022, which is Myanmar New Year Day. Initially, we had only a few people on our team, but soon the team grew to include around 30 individuals.

The first steps

In May 2022, we hosted a free camp called “Google Workspace for Education” for teachers. The camp was held via Zoom for 10 consecutive days, and over 300 teachers attended.

 After receiving a lot of funding, we hosted another camp for youths called “10 Days Web Development Boot Camp”. Over 200 young students participated in the camp.

First Logo of Tee Htwin (2022-2023)

Tee Htwin's Goals

Computer science knowledge dissemination
Digital literacy awareness programme
Remote Internship opportunities for developers, UXers, & data science enthusiasts
STEAM Education for under-represented student (Processing)
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Our Members

“We have over 30 volunteers from Myanmar, Taiwan, and the USA.”


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