Empowering Myanmar's Future Innovators

Bridging the STEM Gap with Quality Education

What we do?

We promote STEM education in Myanmar by providing hands-on learning experiences for high school students. In Myanmar, traditional education has focused on rote memorization, and many students have never had the opportunity to participate in science labs. By demonstrating the practical applications of science, math and programming, we hope to inspire a love of learning that goes beyond memorization and equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the 21st-century workplace.


Our almost free science and programming-focused bootcamps provide accessible education for students, empowering them to learn new skills and advance their careers.


Through our volunteer work and support of other STEM organizations, we empower underrepresented students in Myanmar, providing opportunities for them to learn, grow, and succeed


Our student developer community creates projects that help schools, nonprofits, and businesses.

1000 students

Last year, we have almost 1000 students at our bootcamps and mini classes.

30+ Members

There are over 30 members who make this organization run during 2022

500 hours of STEM lessons

Our mini classes and bootcamps add up to almost 500 hours of live STEM lessons.

We have made impacts!

What We Achieved?

We have become one of the leading STEM nonprofits in Myanmar, but we are not content to stop there. Looking ahead to the future, we are eager to expand our efforts and help even more underrepresented students. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders and change-makers through STEM education.

They Need Your Help!

Let’s make an impact together and support future  innovators.

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